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From the Inside:
How low can Bush go? More recent environmental fiascos

Polluters No Longer Pay, Get Off Scott Free. Imagine that! It's Good For Business. Bush Proposing to Shift Burden of Toxic Cleanups to Taxpayers. New York Times

20 March 2002

Just as a huge ice shelf in Antarctica disintegrates , Bush calls off protection for endangered species habitat. As revealed in his policies, Bush views both as nuisances, mere inconveniences. Both articles from the New York Times.

27 February 2002

Climate concerns evaporate.
On Feb. 14 the president articulated a new approach to what has become a lingering, complicated, politically charged scientific issue. It relies on voluntary efforts to slow, but not halt, the growth in emissions of greenhouse gases. New York Times

Bush vs. the American Landscape

By Robert Redford for The New York Times

Full text: Bush's energy plan developed with help from lobbyists for oil, coal, gas, mining and nuclear power — would have us whittling away standing environmental safeguards.

There is already a car that gets 78 miles a gallon, but U.S. is snubbing it.

Why? It is diesel and would change American, i.e. Bush's business agenda. Diesel engines powered 32.3 percent, or nearly one-third, of all new cars sold in Europe last year, compared with 21.7 percent in 1997. Analysts predict the share will rise to at least 40 percent by 2005. A report commissioned by Congress and being prepared by a panel of the National Academy of Sciences bluntly suggests that the United States may be missing a big chance.

Special Report: Election 2000

National Lampoon: The US Supreme Court and Florida Law

Bush brothers have crucial lapses. "We're talking about civilians who shouldn't be dead, and children who shouldn't be missing. No leader deserves a courtesy pass on such matters." Also read, rigged panel.

Cover-up? An Eye on the Ballot Box in Terror's Aftermath. Public Demands Answers.

In Jeb Bush's Florida, Governor Rigs Child Abuse Panel.

JOINED AT THE HIP: You'll have to look long and extremely hard to come up with an example of corporate treachery in the United States that's as horrible as the Enron debacle. This is a scandal with a very broad reach and it has some of the wise guys in the Bush administration and other top Republicans trembling in their penny loafers. New York Times.

Enron Forced Up California Energy Prices, Documents Show

How Enron Got California to Buy Power It Didn't Need and how Bush ignored the facts.

Electricity traders at Enron drove up prices during the California power crisis through questionable techniques that company lawyers said "may have contributed" to severe power shortages, according to internal Enron documents released today by federal regulators. New York Times.

More Lip Service —Bush Unveils Post - Enron Crackdown on CEOs

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Bush announced on Thursday he was cracking down on corporate and accounting misconduct but stopped short of tougher reforms advocated by lawmakers and his own treasury secretary after Enron Corp. collapse.New York Times

Bush Uses Own Brand of Math on Social Security

In promoting the benefits of his proposal to overhaul Social Security, President Bush adopted an example this week that few financial planners would be likely to embrace, and one that more than doubles the potential of the recommendations of his own commission on Social Security. The New York

And on services for kids, too.The Mask Comes Off

Did Americans really want a president who would smile in the faces of poor children even as he was scheming to cut their benefits? Did they want a man who would fight like crazy for enormous tax cuts for the wealthy while cutting funds for programs to help abused and neglected kids?

Is that who George W. Bush turned out to be?
Full text.

Little brother, Jeb, isn't doing much better.

The announcement that G.A.O. will sue for Enron info sets up a legal showdown between the accounting office — an investigative arm of Congress — and the Bush administration with potential political consequences for the White House. New York Times

G.A.O. Expected to Sue Over Cheney Panel's Records.

The General Accounting Office is expected to announce today that it intends to file suit against the White House to obtain access to documents from an energy task force headed by Vice President Dick Cheney. New York Times.

June 26-27, 2001

Justice Clarence Thomas Author Says He Lied in His Attacks on Anita Hill

The author of a best-selling book that attacked thecredibility of Anita F. Hill has disavowed its premise, and now says that he lied in print. New York Times.

Truth, Sex, Lies and Videotape. New York Times.

Affirmative Action Foe Picked for Rights Post. New York Times.

January 12, 2002. Last month federal and state regulators granted a permit for a giant silver and copper mine that would burrow a length of three miles under a federal wilderness area in Montana, 900 feet below the snowy ridges and the lodgepole pine. The result would be one of the largest underground mines in North America and make this the first time the government had permitted large-scale mining beneath a wilderness area. New York Times.

June 27, 2001. Efforts to Save Wetlands Are Inadequate, Study Says. New York Times

June 26. Penguins in Trouble Worldwide. New York Times.

June 7. PANEL TELLS BUSH GLOBAL WARMING IS GETTING WORSE. A panel of top American scientists declared today that global warming was a real problem and was getting worse, a conclusion that may lead President Bush to change his stand on the issue as he heads next week to Europe, where the United States is seen as a major source of the air pollution held responsible for climate change. Full article.

U.S. Losing Status as a World Leader in Climate. New York Times.

As leaders on each side defended their positions, the statements underscored tensions in the relationship between the United States and Europe and European leaders' fears that Mr. Bush was marching resolutely to his own drummer as he dealt with foreign policy issues of common concern. Full text.

A New Strategy to Help Capture Greenhouse Gas. New York Times.

China Said to Sharply Reduce Carbon Dioxide Emissions. New York Times.

Florida's Environment: Dry Tortugas National Park is the last frontier of healthy shallow and deep reef habitats in the Florida Keys archipelago.

A Cool Idea to Save Earth

Wouldn't you just know it

Florida, at a cost of over $600 million, has replaced their voting machines across the state. Gov. Jeb Bush, at a news conference, stated that the previous problem was the VOTING public.

Since then, a think tank of the nation's newest and brightest minds from all across the United States was formed to address this very confusing issue, and a new voting box was designed.

More Flam, BUY BUSH!

Mr. Neil Bush urged the educators to dig into their budgets to buy something: an online American history curriculum developed by an Internet company that he has founded here. The course, which costs $30 a student, seeks to enliven documents like the Articles of Confederation by setting them to a hip-hop beat and illustrating them with Disney-caliber animation.

More than a decade after his role in a failed savings and loan put him in the public eye, Mr. Bush is emerging as an educational entrepreneur. But as was the case in the early 1990's, Mr. Bush has drawn some criticism that he is trading on the family name, this time by trying to turn a profit on an issue that his two older brothers have championed from their elected perches. Education, in fact, was the signature domestic concern of the president's election campaign. The New York Times.