Although only questions remain, your financial contribution can help in two ways:

The first is to help Paul Scott Abbott defray legal costs by contributing to a fund set up for that purpose. A Free Ashleigh Fund" trust account has been established, with donations accepted at any Bank of America in the world. Additionally, donations may be mailed to Ashleigh's father, Paul Scott Abbott, PO Box 015244, Miami, FL 33101

The second way is to fund a research request for this writer with the proposed title: The Rasputin Ruse, the continuing saga of America’s tormented children.
Since launching this child advocacy site 23 May 2000, I have heard from a number of frightened parents relaying ghastly tales of missing children and abuse that raise suspicions of an ongoing nationwide pedophile ring. It was not my intent to research this, however, because some of the evidence presented to me is overwhelming, I am compelled to investigate. Several adult mother-victims have done an enormous amount of research — it was one such e-mail that I passed on to Robert Short for verification. Bob Short is a current Fla. Republican legislative assistant and former Republican appointee who served for 8 years as director of
information services for Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. He has broken ranks to support the cause.

My request is for funding to research and write a book with the working title of
The Rasputin Ruse. This compelling subject merits your attention and I urge you to provide the resources to enable me to uncover what appears to be a nationwide ring of adults who prey on children and their scared and exhausted parents.
The Power to Harm

The town of Wenatchee, Wash., made world headlines in 1994 and 1995 when police and state social workers undertook what was then called the nation's most extensive child sex-abuse investigation. In February 1998, the Post-Intelligencer published a series of articles that documented overzealous -- and civil rights violations by judges and prosecutors as well as sloppy work by public defenders.

I have solid and validated reasons to believe similar actions continue, and now stretch across the nation.

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