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The newly designed ExtraLove Tributes offers accolades for the whole family.
Child Advocacy Site Expands

Site To Offer Accolade Posting and Design Services

Miami, FL -- Updated: 5 June 2001 -- The flood of web sites opened by PR professionals usually highlight their agency's accomplishments. Now, a Miami based PR practitioner, Hope Marcus, has launched an activist web site, <> on behalf of Florida's children. She plans to expand services to include personalized celebration and announcements.

Marcus, a journalist and the founder of Creative Overload, a marketing communications firm, launched the site to assist a friend whose daughter has been seized by Florida’s Department of Children and Families. Attorneys representing the father and daughter, for whom the site is developed, say the child has been in an emergency shelter awaiting a formal designation of dependency for more than two years, longer than any child in Florida – perhaps even U.S. history.

"Much of the history is on-line for the whole world to see," Marcus said. "The site has been referenced in a state Motion referring to the Freedom of Information Act."

The site's monthly visitation log records viewers from several law firms, state and government agencies, advocacy groups and others. Upon researching the visitor list, Marcus discovered on-line portals -- dot-coms that scrutinize and record a site’s information for clients who want to conceal their identify.

"Apparently, some site visitors interested in the issue prefer to visit anonymously, such that their company URL’s do not appear on the viewing statistics," Marcus said. "On large e-commerce sites, tracking visitors is important in developing marketing databases. On ExtraLove, reasons for secrecy relate to the issue itself, especially for those defending the state against criminal charges."

Marcus’ background in social work and advocacy is the impetus for the site’s creation. Sporting a bright logo that reads, "Everybody needs a little ExtraLove," Marcus has developed an appealing masthead to fit the human-interest theme.

One of Marcus’ on-going journalism assignments is to cover the cross-platform publishing seminar, SeyboldSF, in San Francisco for the on-line publication Topics addressed include content development, digital rights management and changing technologies. Seybold is one of the world’s largest print and electronic media expositions.

Space on will be expanded to include hosting celebrations and accolades. A special "Social Issues" section will include the full Free Ashleigh site. For hosting information please contact Marcus at <>

Hope Marcus, site author, at Seybold SF 2000. Septrmber 2000

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